Why Hire Us:

Japan Music Revolution aims to revolutionize the Japanese music scene, with a special focus on Visual Kei.

For a long time, Japanese artists have been kept from developing overseas due to language barriers and the issues that arise from the inability to communicate with the overseas market. Visual kei specifically is extremely beloved overseas in countries most bands would not even fathom, yet the extremely devoted and enthusiastic fanbase will most likely never get to see their favorite artists live and even have to struggle to obtain merchandise and CDs.

As the popularity of Visual Kei in Japan ebbs and flows, the demand overseas continues to grow. It is an untapped market with boundless potential and we aim to become the bridge that connects the artists in Japan with their overseas fanbase, as well as overseas event promoters. Whether a band would like an English website and overseas social media presence in order to be more easily reachable by overseas fans or has goals of touring overseas, Japan Music Revolution aims to be the one-stop shop to make that happen. No dream is too large or too small and we want to support artists in their growth not only within Japan, but beyond. It is well-known that overseas success can significantly raise a band’s popularity within Japan as well and even without overseas touring, an English online presence can aid fans who are visiting or living in Japan in attending their favorite artists’ lives and events.

Merchandise export is also a completely underserved market. It is very difficult for fans overseas to procure CDs and other merchandise, especially “limited edition” issues, magazines and items otherwise only available at concert venues. The few shops that deal in export raise their prices considerably. It is our aim to provide a global marketplace through trusted third party Amazon to sell official merchandise to the overseas market at a reasonable price.

Translation services also extend to the subtitling of Youtube videos, live DVDs and other events. Too often are dozens upon dozens of comments left under Youtube videos from overseas fans asking for subtitles or saying they wished they could understand what their favorite artists are saying. As visual kei focuses on individuality and each band member’s personality brings in a larger fanbase, it is a well-known fact that fans become more devoted and involved due to these videos. Overseas fans, as well, are more likely to feel connected to bands if they are able to understand the promotional material, thus leading to more sales, more social media interactions and a wider audience.