Our Services:


Translation (English and French translations available):

  • Official international website
  • Social media- we recommend Instagram as the main way to reach overseas fans. Twitter and Blog translations also available.
  • Lyric translations for CD jacket inserts or website.
  • Lyric translations for use in songs.
  • Youtube comment/promotion material translations/subtitles. DVD translations/subtitles for MC content.
  • Translation or proof-reading of foreign contracts.

Sales (worldwide)

  • CDs, posters, photos and other goods can be made available for sale to the overseas market. We handle the transactions and shipping.
  • Exclusive items for the overseas market to offset the disappointment of fans unable to purchase live-only products. We can help develop the merchandise and market it to the overseas fanbase.


  • We handle all contact with foreign event promoters, managers and live houses to promote or organize an event or tour.
  • We are familiar with several events that welcome visual kei bands overseas with built-in fanbases and would be happy to submit bands with reasonable name recognition for consideration.

We are flexible and can offer any service you may need that involves the overseas market. If you have goals to reach a foreign audience or if you are an overseas event promoter or other interested party wishing to contact a particular band or simply have bands submitted for your next event, please feel free to contact us.