About the Owner:

Lisa has a long history with music. When she was 14 she became active in the underground punk rock music scene thriving in Boston, Massachussets. She eventually fronted a punk ska band for fun and recorded an EP album. Shortly after high school, Lisa fell in love with visual kei when a friend invited her to attend “J-Rock Revolution”, a 2 day event in Los Angeles made possible by the legendary Yoshiki of X-Japan. There, she got to see many of Japan’s top visual kei artists and experienced a performance style she didn’t know existed. Coming from a background of theater and dance, the theatrical aspect of visual kei particularly appealed to her and she took a specific liking to guitarist extraordinaire Miyavi.

The following summer, Lisa went to Japan for the first time as a birthday present and attended a stop on Miyavi’s tour at a small live house in Yokohama. There, she got to experience “band girl” culture for the first time and although she was overwhelmed by it and wound up listening to the show from outside, she vowed that someday, somehow, she would work in this wonderful music scene. Fast forward to many years later, Lisa has been in Japan on and off for 5 years (including a two and a half year stay as a foreign student), is fluent in Japanese (certified Japanese Proficiency Level 2) and has attended hundreds of lives.

What occurs to her at nearly every show is that there are so many incredible artists in Japan that the overseas market will never have access to. The visual kei scene in Japan is relatively insulated and self-limiting. But the quality of music and performance continues to thrive as does the popularity overseas.

It was at a New Year’s live seeing her favorite band for the hundredth time that Lisa decided that she wanted to be the bridge that would export these artists overseas where they could get the fanbase and recognition they deserve. While the Japanese market has limitations, the overseas market is boundless and only segregated by the language barrier. Being French-born and U.S.-educated, Lisa speaks English, French and Japanese fluently and hopes to be the link needed to propel the long-standing Japanese subculture genre to the rest of the world. She provides a unique perspective as a fan of visual kei who has attended many lives in Japan large and small and is well aware of what the Japanese fanbase wants, as well as a foreigner who is also in tune with the difficulties that come with being a fan of a band you don’t have access to, as well as what those overseas fans desire in the marketplace.